Corporate & Social Events Planning

Corporate & Social Events Planning

Events to Remember

We’ve amassed nearly a century of experience in planning and hosting private parties and corporate events, earning the trust of tens of thousands of event planners and millions of attendees.

And now, we can lay claim to something even bigger: the largest portfolio of hotel brands in the world.

For you, this means having a vast choice of locations that can fit your occasion, set in the heart of gateway cities. From the most intimate of gatherings to massive corporate parties, you’ll find the expertise, technology, innovation, hospitality and culinary skills you need to set your event apart … and bring people together.

Family Comes First

It's the special celebrations let you strengthen bonds with those you hold most dear, whether it's a party to reconnect with friends or a family reunion. As a company with deep family roots, we get it. It's among our most cherished traditions as a company, and one of the most valued accomplishments of the associates who bring your celebrations to life at our hotels, from birthdays, confirmations and graduations to engagement parties, anniversaries, vow renewals and reunions. That's our story. Call it our family story.

A Feast for All

When everyone gathers for a meal at a hotel, it means enjoying what you love and who you love, whether it's family favorites, food truck cuisine, sharing in festive traditions, or anything else you're craving. Habitat thinks of a banquet as a festival of the senses. One that can include open air panoramas, café-style people-watching, cozy party venues with custom decorations or anything you can imagine that lets people know you care about sharing food and company, memories and inspirations. And, did we mention that we're very partial to cocktails?